JetBlue Accused Of Kicking Family From Flight Over Birthday Cake

Did JetBlue kick a family off a flight over a birthday cake? The airline says “no” – the Burke family says that’s exactly what happened. As the story goes, Cameron Burke, his wife, Minta, and their two children were flying to Las Vegas to connect with family for a birthday celebration. They had a special cake that was first put into an overhead bin. And that’s where the two versions of the story diverge.

The Burkes say Cameron tried to step in when it appeared that one flight attendant went at another over the cake storage. He says that the angry employee then accused him of bad behavior, to which he replied, “Have you been drinking?”JetBlue says Cameron was aggressive and loud, refused to comply with instructions and the crew, and that the tape circulating on the Internet doesn’t tell the whole story.

Yes, you heard right – there’s video. In that video, a police officer is reassuring the family that they “didn’t do anything wrong,” and that they merely had to file a report about being called…and then informing the family that they’d have to be rebooked. The officer is then heard comforting the crying child. The Burkes flew on a different airline the next day.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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