Mick Foley Endorses “The Rock” For President In 2020

You can add one more name to the seemingly growing list of people who believe that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would make a damn fine president. In this case? Mick Foley. For those who don’t know, Foley is the real-life persona of the wrestling legend that once donned the costumes of characters such as Mankind, Dude Love, and Cactus Jack.

For a guy who’s been thrown off of the top of 16-foot cages, broken bones, had multiple concussions, and carried a sock puppet in his pants, he’s also extremely bright. Foley sat down with TMZ Sports, and talked at-length about the prospect of a Rock presidency, and he’s all for it.

Foley’s advice is for Johnson to run as an Independent candidate, and he fully believes that he has the ability to unite this divided land in a way that few others can. There are also few things in the world as appealing at the prospect of a debate between “The Rock” and Donald Trump. After all, if you’re going to make a show out of government, you might as well go all-out.

Source: TMZ Sports

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