Police: Driver Busted with Cocaine Tried to Bribe Officer with Taco Bell

Police say a Florida man attempted to bribe an officer with Taco Bell after he was busted with cocaine in his vehicle.

Pasco Police said officer Joshua Glass stopped the driver of a black Honda and noticed two small bags of white powder in the center console, which the man tried to cover with his cellphone before making the proposition of Mexican food.

"When the driver and sole occupant was questioned ... he described it as just cocaine residue and offered officer Glass a 'hook-up' on Taco Bell in the future if [the officer] would ignore that stuff," the police department said. "Glass thanked him for the offer, since he likes Taco Bell, but declined."

During a search of the Honda, officers said they found more small bags of cocaine inside.

Officials said in addition to possession, the man will possibly face charges of intent to deliver and attempted bribery.

Link: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/05/16/Police-Driver-busted-with-cocaine-tried-to-

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