CVS Won’t Sell Sunscreen With SPF 15 Or Less

We all know that sunscreen is an essential part of enjoying fun in the sun and now CVS is helping us make the right choices when it comes to SPF. Because they care about our skin, CVS will no longer sell products SPF 15 or less.

The move is part of their new “Long Live Skin” campaign, which encourages us to treat our skin well and to take care of our health. CVS has partnered up with the American Cancer Society and Johnson and Johnson to raise awareness about skin cancer and SPF use. And they’re getting rid of all the products that are SPF 15 and lower and bringing in more broad spectrum sunscreens that have at least SPF 30.

On the shelves at CVS we’ll also find more organic, natural sun care products and ones that are dermatologist approved. Hopefully, this will help us all protect ourselves better from the harsh rays we’re exposed to more during the long, hot summer days.

And since no one wants sunburns, wrinkles, or melanoma, stock up on your higher SPF sunscreens before you head out to enjoy the upcoming long weekend. Toss those SPF 4 tanning oils for something that’ll really keep your skin safe and your future self will thank you!

Source: Hello Giggles

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