Can An Emoji Save Your Relationship?

For some people emojis can be a fun way to finish a text, and for others they can be downright annoying, but now a linguistics experts suggests those cute little images may be the thing that saves a relationship. 

Vyv Evans, a former professor of linguistics at Bangor University, has written a new book called “The Emoji Code” and in it he suggests that since emojis can help folks convey their expressions in a text, it could prevent misunderstandings between couples and help them better understand the meanings of messages. Basically, it’s giving couples a visual clue as to a person’s tone in a message.

“Understanding that communicative intention is key to a harmonious relationship,” Evans explains. “If a woman sends the message, ‘Fine, do whatever you want’ on a smartphone and adds the angry face or disappointed face emoji, it gives the recipient a non-verbal cue… showing him how to interpret the words.” He adds, “A guy can’t miss it and there is very little room for misunderstanding.”

Source: New York Post 

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