Ruth To Sox Contract Goes Up For Auction

One of the most definitive moments in American sports history is about to go on the auction block. We’re talking about the 1919 contract that sent Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees. If you want to take a shot at it, or just drool over one of the ultimate sports collectibles, you need to keep your eyes on

Josh Evans of Leland’s says that this is the copy of the contract that was owned by one-time Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert. If you’re curious about how much this thing might go for, you’re only point of reference would’ve happened in 2005. That’s when the other copy, the one that Red Sox owner Harry Frazee had, went for $996,000 at auction.

But this? It’s the living document that personifies “The Curse Of The Bambino.” In it, Ruth was “sold” to the Yankees for $100,000, and a loan from the Yankees for $300,000. Just think, had the Red Sox defaulted on that loan, the Yankees would’ve owned Fenway Park (since that was what was used to secure the loan). By the way, also available is Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring – said to be owned by Charlie Sheen. That one’s supposedly going to go “over the top” in the auction circles, and might be the most valuable collectible ever.

Source: ESPN

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