Today is National Wine Day

Red or white, wine has been an important part of human history and culture for thousands of years. Get this – archaeologists in Speyer, Germany discovered the oldest bottle of wine in existence while excavating two Roman stone sarcophaguses in 1867. The bottle dates back to at least 325 AD! It is now on display at the History Museum of the Pfalz in Germany.

There are many kinds of wine to consider – wines made from fruits besides grapes are usually named after the fruit from which they are produced (for example, pomegranate wine, apple wine and elderberry wine) and are generically called fruit wine. The term “wine” can also refer to starch-fermented or fortified beverages having higher alcohol content, such as barley wine or sake.”

Who cares if it’s red, white, pinot, or cabernet, everyone can appreciate today’s celebration. Of course, it would be a shame to only celebrate one day a year – so don’t get it twisted – February 18th is observed annually as National Drink Wine Day, but the more days to celebrate, the merrier!


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