Veggies In Coffee Is The Latest Craze

Remember the days when you went to your corner deli and got a simple cup of coffee and the only options were whether you wanted milk and sugar? Well, those days are long gone, and a lot of us are used to all the different lattes and Frappuccinos out there, but now some places are taking things a step further and actually ruining coffee with of all things, vegetables.

Last month, the Internet went crazy for reports about a café in Melbourne, Australia that served coffee in hollowed out avocados. Well, it turns out those folks Down Under aren't the only ones experimenting with other vegetable-based coffee concoctions.

Apparently, one coffee shop in Sydney has been putting carrots and apples in their lattes, and another in New York City has actually added bell peppers to their cup of Joe. And then there’s Dallas’ West Oak Coffee Bar, which adds tomatoes for something called a “tomato cortado,” not that it’s very popular. 

“I think it’s a trend the same way memes are, and none of my customers have asked for it,” barista Conor Poull, who invented the tomato drink, tells the “New York Post. “It’s essentially baristas pouring coffee into scraps … [and] playing games.” 

Source: New York Post 

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