Details On The Pats’ Superbowl Ring

It’s not like the Atlanta Falcons – or their fans – need to be reminded of their historical meltdown in the last Super Bowl. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be. And unfortunately for them, the new championship rings for the New England Patriots do just that.

Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft presented the rings to the team on Friday night. One of the things found in ring’s design is a slew of diamonds. There are 283 of them, to be exact. In case you need the refresher, the Pats came back to win the Super Bowl after being down 28-3 to the Falcons. See the symbolism there?

For Pats fans, it’s a cool-as-hell reminder of the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. For Falcons fans, it just sucks. As far as other details, the ring totals out at 5.1 karats. The right side features a quote from Kraft that reads: “Unequivocally the sweetest.” The inside of the ring features the phrase “Greatest Comeback Ever” on the right side as well.


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