Toddler And Dog Rescued After Accidentally Being Locked In Hot Car

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Remember when we told you about the troops who rescued the little boy and dog from a hot car? Well, here's the video! Troopers Rescue Child and Dog from Hot Car Troopers Jacob Sherry and Steven Hodge rescued a 2-year-old and puppy after the two were accidentally locked in a car. After visiting Batsto Village in Hammonton Township, a woman secured her grandson and dog in the back seat of her car. As the woman went to open the driver side door, she observed her keys on the passenger seat and realized the doors were locked. The woman frantically dialed 911 and Troopers Sherry and Hodge arrived on scene. Due to the high temperature and visible perspiration on the child, Trooper Hodge advised the woman that he would have to break the car window. The woman agreed, Trooper Hodge broke the window and Trooper Sherry removed the child and dog from the car. Trooper Sherry placed the child in the air-conditioned troop car where they awaited EMS for a precautionary evaluation. EMT's assessed the child and determined that his vital signs were normal and that he was not in distress. The appreciative grandmother taught us all a very valuable lesson. Secure your keys before placing children and animals in cars. Way to go Troops!

Posted by New Jersey State Police on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

For once, a story about a kid being accidentally left in a hot car that has a happy ending. A New Jersey grandmother had just secured her two-year-old grandson and a puppy in her car when she realized she had locked her keys inside the vehicle by mistake.

She immediately called 911 and Troopers Jacob Sherry and Steven Hodge in Hammonton Township saved the day. Dashcam footage shows them breaking the windows of the car and carrying the boy and his dog to safety. The pair were inside for about 30 minutes before their rescue.

“It’s a good reminder to parents and caretakers everywhere to be aware when securing children and animals and that you secure your keys,” Trooper Lawrence Peele of the New Jersey State Police explains. And don’t worry, the toddler and the puppy are in good condition after the incident.



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