Carrie Fisher's Cause Of Death Revealed

Carrie Fisher passed away in December, and now we know why. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office released a statement saying that sleep apnea – plus other factors – contributed to her death. But they couldn’t come to a conclusive decision on it. 

Some of the other factors included atherosclerotic heart disease – which is a buildup of fat in and on the artery walls – and drug use. Carrie had taken multiple medications, but it wasn’t clear what role they played. The cause of death was officially ruled “undetermined.” 

Todd Fisher – Carrie’s brother – called the report unremarkable. Apparently the family didn’t want the coroner to investigate in the first place. It was no secret that his sister did drugs – included those prescribed to help her deal with her mental health issues. He thinks that those things, plus her smoking habit, killed her. 

Source: New York Daily News

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