Man Shoots Someone With Shotgun Shell Full Of Rice Krispies, Seriously

Eureka, California resident Timothy Glass Jr. was recently arrested after shooting an unidentified person with a shotgun shell full of Rice Krispies, FOX6 reports. It's unknown at this time exactly why the victim was shot, but we do know that Glass Jr. used a flare gun with the cereal-loaded round to attack them, resulting in non-threatening injuries to the individual.

It's also unclear exactly as to why cereal was substituted for a normal bullet in the shotgun shell. Did the attacker run out of rounds for his flare gun? Was it some kind of prank gone wrong between friends? There's so many holes in this story that have yet to be filled, but hopefully we'll get some answers soon.

What we do know is that the victim's wounds were later treated at a local hospital, but they declined to press any charges against Glass Jr. Unfortunately for the attacker, he was still booked on charges of resisting arrest and probation violation after mildly injuring at least one officer while trying to flee pursuit.

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