Would You Eat This Ice Cream Made With Garbage?

Americans waste a lot of food! According to a 2014 report from the USDA, one-third of 430 billion pounds of edible food never got eaten in 2010. And not only is that wasteful, food waste fills up landfills and generates methane gas that’s terrible for the environment.

So Portland, Oregon-based Salt & Straw ice cream shop partnered with Urban Gleaners, a nonprofit that collects and redistributes edible, excess food from grocery stores and restaurants, to create an ice cream. But don’t worry, they’re not dumpster diving to get the ingredients, they’re just using food that might otherwise end up in the garbage.

The result is their limited-edition “trash” menu of “upcycled ice cream.” They reach out to businesses, farmers, and nonprofits to get all the wasted food they can then test it for pathogens before adding them to ice cream creations. And the flavors are the result of what excess food was available, so they had to get creative.

With an excess of bread, they created a toasted baguette PB&J flavor. And California citrus trees helped make citrus flavors. "When you read the flavors, they might not seem as innovative," explains Salt & Straw founder Tyler Malek. "But if you read into these pairings along with their stories, this was by far the most innovative thing we've ever done."

Source: Extra Crispy

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