How TV and Movies Influences Young Girls

It’s no secret that folks are influenced by what they see on TV and in the movies, and that’s especially true for young children. And according to a new report, when it comes to young girls, many are affected by the female stereotypes they see on TV. The new Common Sense report looks at how stereotypes in movies and TV affect child development and it’s probably not that surprising to anyone who is a parent to a little girl.

As you might expect, research shows the media reinforces the idea that masculine traits and behavior is more favored than feminine traits, and according to a corresponding survey nearly a third of most parents believe that an eight-year-old boy has chance at a brighter future than an eight-year-old girl.

In addition, research shows that the media promotes the idea that girls need to worry about their appearance, and the survey shows that 75% of parents admit that girls are “very” or “extremely” influenced by the media with regards to how they look.

And when it comes to career aspirations, the media has a big influence as well. The research shows that those who view a lot of gender-traditional TV and film tend to have more rigid beliefs about what men and women should do for a living and how they behave. Meanwhile, 34% of parents say girls are “very” or “extremely” influenced by what they see women doing on TV shows and movies when it comes to job options. 

Source: Common Sense

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