Coca-Cola Needs A Geography Class

When the temps went up in Pittsburgh last weekend, Coca-Cola took to Twitter to recommend locals to cool off with an ice-cold Coke. But they should probably get a map in their social media department – or at have someone who knows geography proofread their tweets because their graphic used a map of Philadelphia instead of The ‘Burgh.

The GIF they used in the tweet shows a Coke flying over a map, which is clearly marked PHILADELPHIA. And the caption reads, “Today’s forecast in Pittsburgh: Record heat, followed by an ice-cold wave of ahhhhhhhh.” You’d have thought that someone would have caught that before tweeting it, but no such luck.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Steel City residents to notice the mistake. And Twitter users from both Pennsylvania cities poked fun at the soda giant.

“You realize that’s a map of Philadelphia, right?,” tweeted user Kimmy. “I predict a decline in sales of Coca-Cola in the Pittsburgh area in the near future.”Twitter user llipgh pointed out, “Someone flunked geography.”Even Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto got in on the fun, tweeting “Ahem... "I was elected to represent the people of Pittsburgh, not Philadelphia.”

Coca-Cola later apologized for the mixup saying, “In this case our map accidentally missed the mark – literally.”

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