Study: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Heads Off Alzheimer's, Preserves Memory

Researchers at Philadelphia's Temple University are touting the benefits of extra-virgin olive oil. In the study published today, they say taking the olive oil can protect the brain against Alzheimer's.

They also say it protects against memory loss and preserves the ability to learn. Researchers said mice with olive-oil enriched diets showed better memories and learning abilities compared to rodents that weren't fed the oil. And get this – tests also revealed it reduces brain inflammation and removes intracellular debris and toxins that can lead to Alzheimer's.

So what’s next? "Usually when a patient sees a doctor for suspected symptoms of dementia, the disease is already present," says senior investigator Dr. Domenico Praticò. "We want to know whether olive oil added at a later time point in the diet can stop or reverse the disease." The full study appears in new issue of the "Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology."

Source: Science Daily

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