Moms Warn Fidget Spinners Burst Into Flames

Fidget spinners are everywhere right now and kids can’t get enough of them. But while the Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends we keep them away from little kids because they could be choking hazards, it turns out there’s another danger that we didn’t even know about with the Bluetooth fidget spinners that are supposed to play music - they could be a fire hazard.

A couple of moms want to warn everyone else that these gadgets could catch fire after it happened to their kids. Alabama mom Kimberly Allums says her son’s Bluetooth fidget spinner was charging when it started burning. “It wasn’t smoking,” she explains, “it was in flames.”

And Michigan mom Michelle Carr says the one she bought her kids caught on fire after charging for less than 30 minutes. She says the Bluetooth fidget spinner didn’t come with charging instructions or a charger, so she used a baby monitor charging cord, but she wants to warn other families so it doesn’t happen to them.

So what can we do to keep our kids and their high tech gadgets safe? Rachel Rothman, chief technologist at the Good Housekeeping Institute advises never leaving the device charging without supervision. Don’t charge them overnight and let them cool after using it before plugging it in, especially if it’s hot. Stay safe out there, spinners.

Source: The Stir

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