Miller High Life Making A Comeback

A classic from the 70’s is making a comeback, and could be sporting a big middle finger to hipsters in the process: we’re talking about “The Champagne Of Beers.” In December, MillerCoors jacked up their advertising budget for Miller High Life in the hopes that the beer will regain the respect it deserves – and you might’ve actually seen the ads popping up within the last month.

Your vision of Miller High Life might involve your shirtless dad working a barbecue grill in the back yard while talking sports with his neighbors. There’s comfort in that, dammit! The company’s marketing chief says that Miller High Life has an “everyman” quality that’s “rare in today’s world,” and they want to re-introduce it in a big way.

In a world filled with cheesy beards, ironic clothes, man buns, and craft beers there’s a comfort zone here that’s ripe to be tapped into. If the guys at Miller High Life can succeed with this one, then the grill-loving, softball-playing, backyard-drinking everyman can start his much-needed return to respect and prosperity. Then, we can work on getting guitar solos back into music.

Source: Maxim

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