Odds Are, You’re Ordering Your Steak Wrong

When it comes to ordering a steak, Americans have some issues…and it’s a damn shame. In a 2014 survey, carnivores were asked how they liked their steaks prepared. Those who admitted to burning the sucker to a crisp weighed-in at 8%, and the medium-well came in a 17%. Way too high.

Even more disheartening? The actual data on this national tragedy. Longhorn Steakhouse took a look at one full year’s worth of steak orders from all 491 of their restaurants, and the numbers show a problem of epidemic proportions. The medium-well number is much higher, at 25.8%. The well-done heathens are at 11.7%.

When you factor in those who like it medium, which is at least tolerable, 75% of Americans are getting it wrong. Major league chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsey confirm that the ONLY way to truly enjoy a great steak is if it’s prepared medium rare. As far as lying about it, at least own your shame, people.

Source: Maxim

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