Signs Your Kid Is Dehydrated

It’s hot out there, folks. And as much as we love having fun in the summer sun, it’s easy to get dehydrated, which happens when we lose more liquid than we drink. Grown ups can usually tell when we need to drink more fluids because we get thirsty, but when kids are busy playing and having fun, sometimes they’re too distracted to pay attention to their bodies.

So how can you tell if your little one is dehydrated? Here are some warning signs:

Lack of sweating

Fast heartbeat

Less urine - So fewer trips to the potty and dry diapers.

Dark-colored urine - Clear to light yellow is what you want to see

Fewer tears - A dehydrated child can’t make tears. How sad is that?

Dry mouth

If you notice your kid with any of these symptoms, make them drink fluids right away. And follow these tips for keeping your kid hydrated in the future.

Have them drink small amounts of fluid more frequently

On hot days, serve “watery” snacks like watermelon

Make them take breaks from playing to rehydrate

Get them a cool water bottle so they’re excited to drink water


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