These Are The New Lay’s Potato Chip Flavors

Lay’s potato chips annual “Do Us A Flavor” contest is back and this year’s user-submitted finalists make it tough to pick a winner. While they might not be as crazy as some previous flavors, like biscuits and gravy, or wasabi ginger, these chip flavors do sound interesting.

Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese - This one’s got the got the garlicky, salty flavor you’re looking for in the breakfast favorite flavor, but some reviewers say they could use more of it. But that does make this kettle-cooked chip better for dipping.

Fried Green Tomato - This wavy chip is supposed to taste just like the real thing: “a little tangy, a little peppery, a little grease-soaked-breading-y.” A man in Georgia who grew up eating fried green tomatoes created this flavor, so if you had them as a kid too, these chips will take you back to your youth.

Crispy Taco - How is this not already a flavor? Reviewers say these crispy chips taste “shockingly close to a Taco Bell taco,” so what more can you ask for? They say the lettuce, tomato, and cheese flavors all represent, and you can even taste the ground beef.

These three flavors will hit the shelves on Monday, July 30, and that’s when the voting begins and runs through October 8 on Lay’s website. You can also vote on Twitter and Instagram using #SweepstakesEntry and #VoteEverythingBagel, #VoteFriedGreenTomato, or #VoteCrispyTaco.

Source: Delish

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