Restaurant’s Kid's Menu Reflects Reality

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that going out to eat with a child can be a nightmare. Even if their kid is on their best behavior, getting them to make a decision on what they want to eat can be like pulling teeth, and now a restaurant in Maryland is expressing just that with their cheeky kids menu.

Fager's Island in Ocean City decided to have a little fun with the “Kid Friendlies” section of their menu, and instead of just listing the items available they gave them names to go perfectly with the typical kid restaurant tantrum. Among the items offered: 

“I Don’t Know” – a triple later PB&J

“I Don’t Care” – a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich

“I’m Not Hungry “ – a basket of chicken tenders

“I Don’t Want That” – kids’ fries

“What?” – Cheese Quesadilla 

The ingenious menu came to light after someone posted it on Reddit, with one dad commenting adding, “As a dad this is on the money. Good stuff.” 

Source: The Daily Mail

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