YouTube Is Once Again Named Kids’ Favorite Brand Of The Year

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you it’s hard to keep track of what kids are into these days, but according to a new report, the answer is apparently YouTube. Results of the 2017 Brand Love study finds that for a second year in a row,  YouTube is the top brand of the year for kids ages six through 12. This year’s battle was close though with cookie brand OREO coming in second by only one point. 

The study polled more than 8,200 children and their parents, and it seems parents are almost as enamored with YouTube as kids, landing at number ten, up three spots from last year, and 14 spots from just two years ago.

And apparently there’s good reason we’ve been hearing so much about those addictive fidget spinners lately. Seems they really are popular with kids, debuting at number eight this year.

Top 10 Kid Brands, 2017







Toys "R" Us

Fidget Spinners



Source: Yahoo Finance

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