Man Drives Himself To The Hospital With A Nail In His Heart

Doug Bergeson is one tough dude. The Peshtigo, Wisconsin man was working on a fireplace frame in a house he's building when he accidentally shot himself in the heart with a nail gun. Believe it or not, Bergeson says it "didn't really hurt."

"It just felt like it kind of stung me. And I looked down and I didn't see anything and I put my hand there and... That's not good," Bergeson remembers. "When I saw it moving with my heart, it's kind of like... I'm not going to get anything done today! I can see that already!"

Since the pain was manageable, he got in his truck and drove himself the 12-miles to the hospital. That's where Bergeson found out the three-and-a-half-inch nail had missed a main artery in his heart by the thickness of a piece of paper. He was rushed into open heart surgery and is now doing well and is back to work. He's also sure to be much more careful. 

Source: ABC 2

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