These Foods Are Always Mispronounced

When we’re talking about big name food brands, we think we know how to pronounce the names of some of our favorite companies. But it turns out, a lot of us are saying them wrong. These are some of the most popular, commonly butchered brand names. And don’t feel bad if you’ve been getting them wrong, we’re all here to learn together.

Ghirardelli - We all thought the chocolate company was “gheer-a-delhi,” but it’s actually [[gear-AR-delly]].

Barilla - That box of pasta in your pantry is pronounced [[buh-REE-uh]], not “bah-rill-ah” like some of us thought.

LaCroix - The name of that very popular sparkling water is actually [[la-CROY]], not "la-kwah," no matter what your fancy friends say.

Nestle - We always assumed it was “ness-lee” but now we know it’s really [[NESS-lay]].

Chipotle - Lots of folks love to eat here, but some are still saying it like “chuh-poat-lee” when it’s actually [[chih-POT-lay]].

Hoegaarden - This beer company isn’t “hoe-garden” like we thought, it’s really pronounced [[HOO-garden]]. Who knew?

Kashi - The name sounds more like a sneeze than “cash-shee,” the correct pronunciation is [[KAH-shee]].

Fage - This Greek yogurt brand isn’t pronounced phonetically, it’s actually [[FAH-yeh]].

Reese’s - Everyone’s favorite peanut butter cup maker isn’t “ree-sees,” the right way to say it is [[REE-sus]]. And as long as we get to eat ‘em, we’ll say it anyway they like.

Source: Refinery29

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