The Mystery Of The Alligator Found In A Hotel Pool Has Been Solved

The mystery of the hotel pool alligator has been solved. Earlier this month, police raided the Bayview Inn & Suites in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They not only found Bashawn Whitted-Scottand Sean Temple, who are tied to a string of burglaries in the area, but they also discovered an alligator in the motel's pool. 

Now authorities have discovered the gator was there as a prop in a music video Whitted-Scott and Temple were filming at the hotel. Along with the animal, the duo displayed guns and drugs in the video, which was posted to Facebook.

In the end, Whitted-Scott and Temple face charges including robbery, conspiracy, aggravated assault, conspiracy to make terroristic threats and unlawful possession of a weapon. As for the alligator, he was taken in by animal control and will soon head to an animal reserve outside Tampa Bay.

Source: Press of Atlantic City

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