Market Sells Cases Of Water For $99 After Hurricane Harvey

While most people are looking for ways to lend a hand and help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, others are taking advantage of the situation. Some retailers thought they could make a quick buck after the natural disaster so they raised prices. According to CNN Money, the Texas Attorney General’s Office has gotten more than 684 complaints about price-gouging.

It seems one unnamed Houston market thought it was okay to sell cases of bottled water for $99 a case! And if that hundred-dollar case of water was too much, single bottles were being sold for just $8.50 each! They was also a report of gas sold for $20 a gallon.

We’re sorry to hear about those who are trying to take advantage of this tragedy and hope those are isolated events. Hotels, gas stations, and stores who are taking advantage of people who need post-disaster essentials will be reported and investigated, and then of course, they’ll have karma to deal with.

Source: FoodBeast

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