Creative Last-Minute Kids’ Costumes

In case you haven’t been keeping track, Halloween is tomorrow, mamas. That means your little trick-or-treater needs a costume in just over 24 hours! So if you’re more of an eleventh-hour mom or had a mishap with the outfit you already chose - say your little Queen of Hearts fell at her first Halloween gathering and tore her costume - here are a few creative last-minute kids’ costume ideas so good no one will know you procrastinated.

Lumberjack - Have a flannel shirt? Throw it on your kid with some jeans, a beanie, and hiking boots and you’ve got a lumberjack. Bonus: draw on a beard to complete the look.

Garth and Wayne from “Wayne’s World” - For Garth, you’ll need a plaid shirt, black pants or jeans, a white or gray t-shirt and a blonde wig. For Wayne, pretty much the same outfit, just add a black baseball cap and party on.

The twins from “The Shining” - If you have a couple of similar-looking little girls who want to be super creepy this year, put them in matching light blue dresses smeared in fake blood, white socks, and black shoes. So easy and so scary.

Deer - All you need is a white or brown dress, a fuzzy vest, brown shoes and socks and some deer makeup to turn your little girl into a little doe.

Scarecrow - Put your little one in some overalls or a denim shirt and jeans, add a hat or a flower crown and finish off the look with some scarecrow makeup.

Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” - Have some fuzzy footie pajamas or a white top and pants? Your kid can wear those with a crown to be the main character from this favorite children’s book.

Dancing twins emoji - Two girls, two black dresses, black shoes, and black bunny ears and you’re done.

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