Food Gifts No One Wants To Get This Year

‘Tis the season for frantically searching for presents for the food lovers lucky enough to be on your nice list this year. And while there are all kinds of gift-giving guides out there, keep in mind not everyone shares the same idea of a nice gift. So to help you with your shopping, here’s a list of food gifts to avoid giving this year.

Christmas Candy Cane Thong - This one’s for the fellas because it’s just a big candy cane hanging down in the front and a G-string in the back. Even as a gag gift, it’s just too much.

Cannabis Christmas Calendar - Marijuana isn’t legal in every state yet, but this adult version of an advent calendar filled with pot and edibles doesn’t care.

Exotic Jerky Cane - Man Crates sends gifts to guys in manly boxes and the Ron Swanson-types on your list might like a “baconology kit” from there, but we’re not sure about this candy cane filled with 10 different kinds of “Meaty Delights.”

French Fries Rainbow Clutch Bag - Some fancy foodie on your gift list might love this Judith Leiber crystal-covered clutch purse shaped like french fries in a carton with a rainbow on it, but it’s probably over budget at $5,695.

Anything with “funny” food slogans on it - No one really wants this “I lift … donuts to my face” pillow or an “Ice cream is cheaper than therapy” T-shirt. No one.

A Three-in-one avocado slicer - Millennials love their avocados, but a knife is way easier to clean.

Tortilla baby - Babies are totally cute on their own and your friends with a newborn probably won’t appreciate this swaddle blanket and cap that looks exactly like a tortilla and makes baby look like a burrito all wrapped up and ready to eat.

Macaron soap - You know what macaron lovers will like better than this soap that just looks like their favorite tasty treats? Actual macarons they can eat.

Eggnog Protein Shakes - Even the loved ones who don’t let the holidays stop them from hitting those gains don’t want to unwrap a container of this stuff. Ho Ho Horrible.

Source: Extra Crispy

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