Queen's Brian May Lashes Out at Photographer

Brian May is known as one of the most easygoing musicians in the world – but even he has his limits. The Queen guitarist lost his cool with a news cameraman in Australia this week, and things got a little physical.

Queen is Down Under for their ongoing tour, which includes a performance at the Fire Fight Australia benefit on Sunday. May was signing autographs at Brisbane Airport when he told a Channel 7 News cameraman to stop filming. The news report about the incident presents the clips out of order, but it appears that the cameraman filmed May interacting with fans multiple times – despite warnings – eventually irritating the rocker.

At one point, May moves towards the cameraman and warns him that things will “get ugly” if he doesn’t stop. Then, it looks like things get physical as May tries to stop the man from recording with his phone, before May yells, “go away now!”Check out the footage below. (video courtesy of YouTube)

May has taken to social media to give his side of the story. He confirms that he asked the cameraman multiple times to stop, as did the fans he was with at the time, which is why he got "angry." He regrets losing his cool, but slams Channel 7 News for their "severe provocation," which he's wondering was just a "set-up" to get a story. He's also thanked fans for sending him "supportive messages" after the incident. (photo: Getty Images)

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