Watch As A Man Purposes To His Girlfriend With The Help Of A Sea Lion

Deciding how to ask the love of your life to marry you can be daunting. But when in doubt include a cute animal and she'll be sure to say yes just like Sarah from Columbus, Ohio.

Marry me

Early New Years Eve, the Columbus Zoo shared a sweet moment that occurred during their Sea Lion meet and greet.

Kole partnered with the Sea Lion trainers to capture the magical moment when he purposed to his girlfriend Sarah. The couple took their seats for their picture, when Sarah was asked to turn around and read what the Sea Lion was holding. As she did, Kole got down on one knee! Sarah, shocked, places he hands over her mouth in disbelief, playfully hits him and says yes!

The Zoo then shared the moment saying, "She said YES. During a recent Sea Lion Encounter at the Columbus Zoo, Kole sealed the deal from fiancé, Sarah with the help of one of the sea lions. Congrats!"

Check out the beautiful moment below!

Photo Credit: Getty

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