Herd of Calves Broke Free And Surprised Motorists Indiana

A heard of calves escaped a near by farm Tuesday February 9th and was caught on camera by an off duty officer, detective, volunteer firefighters and onlookers.

a nearby

Group of cows together gathering in a field, happy and joyful and a blue cloudy sky.

Th dramatic site captured onlookers for hours as authorities attempted to wrangle the heard.

In an interview with the South Bend Tribune. the off duty officer, Capt. Derek Allen said, “It’s really important to note, these cows weren’t just walking, they were at a full gallop, if you will,”

Allen then said he quickly got in front of the herd and drove ahead with his police lights flashing in order to warn oncoming traffic.

“I’ve been involved in many unique situations previously, but not something with this many animals on the roadway,” Allen said.

Fortunately through some wrangling all cows were accounted for and no one was hurt in the process. Check out the official statement from the La Porte County Sheriff's Office below!

Photo Credit: Getty

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