The 10 Things People Are Most Likely To Forget To Buy For Thanksgiving

It certainly isn’t easy hosting Thanksgiving, and with all the food you need to buy it’s totally understandable, and pretty common, to forget some things you need for the holiday. But it turns out, there are some Thanksgiving items folks are more likely to forget than others. 

  • Same-day delivery company Shipt has just come out with their first-ever Thanksgiving Most Forgotten List.
  • This are the items people often forget ad purchase last minute for the holidays.
  • Overall, 61% of those polled say they forgot to buy a food or seasoning for their Thanksgiving feast.
  • 10% swore off making Thanksgiving again after forgetting a key ingredient or item.
  • Topping the list as the most forgotten Thanksgiving item is cranberries, which 33% of people say they forgot. 

Top 10 Most Forgotten Thanksgiving-Related Items

  1. Cranberries (33%)
  2. Fragrant Spices (such as Thyme) (30%)
  3. Napkins (23%)
  4. Beverages (21%)
  5. Pumpkin Spices (20%)
  6. Pie crust (20%)
  7. Potatoes (17%)
  8. Plates (16%)
  9. Table and autumn-specific decor (15%)
  10. Candles (14%)
  • Along similar lines, the survey found that the most common last-minute purchase is sweet rolls, followed by cream cheese and fried onions.
  • But one thing few people forget – alcohol. Only 14% of people admit they forgot to buy alcohol for their Thanksgiving gathering. 


photo: Getty Images

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