SKP: New Signs Designed To Help Make Intersections Safer

If you are in South Kingstown, you will see new signs designed to help pedestrians stay safe.

Those signs at Route 138 at South Road; Kingstown Road at Old Mountain; and South Road at the South County Bike Path.

"Drivers are more likely to yield to a person in a crosswalk who has a flag and stop at a crosswalk if someone is standing on the sidewalk with a flag. Our own department’s data shows that pedestrians at these three crosswalks would benefit most from this visual aid, and we are thankful to our colleagues at the Highway Department for installing them so quickly,” said Matthew C. Moynihan, Chief of Police for South Kingstown. “With summer just around the corner, we’re focused on at all the ways we can make our community safer, and pedestrian safety is at the top of the list.”

(Photo Credit: South Kingstown Police Department)

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