Science Says Food Comas Are Very Real

Have you ever eaten a big meal and instantly felt like you needed a nap? Well, it isn’t all in your head. Science says there’s some truth behind the concept of going into a food coma. “It's real,” Dr. Lisa Young, a nutritionist, tells the New York Daily News. “If the meal consumed is large enough, one can go into a food coma due to changes in circulation."

So, what exactly is making you so tired? Well, after you eat, your gastrointestinal tract is activated, which means blood flow heads to the stomach and intestines so you can digest your food. That means there’s less blood in the brain, which can make you feel tired.

And there are certain foods that will make you feel more tired than others. For example, carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, since they release sugar in the bloodstream, can trigger chemicals in your brain that make you feel tired, plus too much protein can also trigger a snoozefest.

  • Ways to fight off that after-eating sleep include eating small meals, and ones that contain carbs with a low-glycemic index, like brown rice or wheat bread. Also, since booze acts as a sedative, if you want to stay alert, skip that glass of wine with dinner. 

Source: New York Daily News

Photo:  Getty Images/AFP

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