Sammy Hagar Wants To Tour With David Lee Roth And Van Halen

Sammy Hagar has big plans for Van Halen. The rocker says he wants to tour with the band, including original frontman David Lee Roth. Why? Because he thinks it would make fans “die and go to heaven." “The competition for that would be great,” Hagar says. “He’d do ‘Panama’ and ‘Runnin’ With The Devil,’ and I’d be going, ‘Damn! I gotta step it up!’ I’m up for it.”

Hagar, who fronted the band from 1986 to 96, then again from 2003 to 05, admits he and Eddie Van Halen would have to work on their relationship because it "got so bad.” While Sammy and David did team up for a joint tour in 2002, unofficially titled Sam & Dave, they never appeared onstage at the same time.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

photo: Michael Ochs Archives

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