Worst Public Etiquette Pet Peeves

Someone on Reddit posed the question “What is a common breach of etiquette that annoys you?”  Here are some of the responses.  

  • Folks didn’t hold back, with responses including interrupting someone when they talk,
  • “Things like not noticing you're blocking someone in a store or on the sidewalk; failing to notice that a line has formed and barging to the front; interrupting an employee who's helping another customer.”
  • “Having someone in the cubicle over clipping their finger and toe nails at work.”
  • “When I drive to pickup a friend and they're not ready.”
  • “People who talk loudly in doctors offices and let their kids run wild. I'm here dying I don't want to hear you.”
  • “Let people get OFF the train or bus, or elevator, before you begin to enter.”
  • “I get irrationally angry when a group of people walk side by side taking up walkways and don't allow anyone to pass by.”
  • “When people step on the back of your shoes and don't have the decency to say sorry or excuse me.”
  • “Using cell phones in darkened theaters. Put your *&#@ phone away, you're ruining it for the rest of us!”
  • “The lack of the use of ‘Please,’ ‘Thank You’ and ‘Excuse me.’”
  • “Not covering your mouth in a cough or sneeze. Don't spread ya germs on me!”
  • “When someone's speaking and someone else interrupts them. Even if I'm not the one talking it annoys me when someone else gets interrupted.”
  • “People making loud smacking noises while eating. It drives me to homicidal rage.”
  • “Using speakerphone in restaurants. I'm sure it's adorable to you that your toddler is barely able to communicate in complete sentences and instead just shrieks. The rest of us are trying to eat in peace. See Also: Sharing "funny" YouTube videos with other people at your table.”

Source: Reddit

photo: Getty Images

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