Bon Jovi & Prince Harry Release "Unbroken" version with Invictus Choir

Jon Bon Jovi and Prince Harry teamed up with the Invictus Games Choir for the new track called “Unbroken," which has now been released.

The song was recorded last month at London's Abbey Road Studios. The proceeds from this single will go to theInvictus Games Foundation, which supports the rehabilitation and recovery of international wounded, injured or sick military personnel. 

You may think the song name "Unbroken" sounds familiar and you would be right. This is a new version of Bon Jovi's 2019 "Unbroken" but has been reworked to include the choir. 

How did this collaboration come about? Bon Jovi shared with the BBC that he sent a letter to Prince Harry asking him to be on the track. 

“In light of what has come, you know, with his leaving the monarchy, as it were, I didn’t plan on any of this," Jon shares. " But he said: ‘Not only am I going to come back [to England], you know, but I want to be there when you do it.’ And to do it at Abbey Road, of course where the Beatles once were; and to do it with the ‘artist formerly known as Prince," adding, "I think it’s gonna be an incredible, moving moment.”Check out the song below. 

  • ONE MORE THING!Jonbelieves that his 17-year-old son Jacob has contracted a "mild" version of coronavirus. He has yet to be tested but the family is self-quarantining and Jacob was quarantining away from the rest of the family. He did visit a private doctor and is feeling much better. 

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