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Episode #2 - Experts Answer Kids' COVID-19 Questions

In the new Rhode Island PBS short film series,Kids Want to Know(KWTK), teens ask questions about the coronavirus COVID-19 and medical professionals provide thoughtful, informative answers.

Check out the video for the latest episode below - #102 Kids Want to Know: Coronavirus COVID-19

In this episode, Helen (age 15) asks why the death toll in China is lower than the number of deaths in Italy, when China is more densely populated. Dr. Brian Alverson of Hasbro Children's Hospital answers. Nadia (age 18) asks what happens to COVID-19 patients with no health insurance. Dr. William Binder of the Miriam Hospital and RIH answers. Phoenix (age 13) asks how hard it is to access testing. (video courtesy of RIPBS and YouTube)

More Information

Do you want to be part ofKids Want to Know?Teens and younger children (with the help of a parent as needed) are invited to make a video of themselves asking a coronavirus COVID-19 related question, then submit the video to Rhode Island PBS. Please follow the simple but important instructions.

Submission Instructions for Video Questions

At the start of the video, please have your teen or child say

  • his/her first name (please do not include last name on the video)
  • his/her age
  • a brief question about the coronavirus COVID-19


  • Please be sure the device is in ahorizontalposition to capture awide video.
  • Parent or guardian mustread and electronically signtheAppearance Consent and Release Formand click “Submit” at the bottom of the form. If you are age 18 or older and submitting a video, you may consent for yourself.
  • Please note: Unless we receive a completed Consent and Release Form, we cannot use your video.
  • Submit the video fileby email.Please note: Submitting your video does not guarantee your video will be used.
  • In the body of the email message, include
  • your first and last name
  • your child’s first and last name
  • town where you live, and
  • contact phone number(we will only use the phone number ifwe have a specific question).

If you have technical questions, pleasecontact us.

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