Stuff That Rich People Can Do Without Looking Trashy

It’s no secret that rich people can sometimes get away with things poor people just can’t, and now folks on Twitter are giving us examples

Back in 2016, someone posed the question on social media “What’s considered trashy if you’re poor but classy if you’re rich?” and for some reason it has recently gone viral yet again, with plenty of people chiming in with their thoughts.

They include:

  • “Having an uncommon name or unusual version of a common name. Being bilingual and/or mixed ethnicity. Wearing sportswear in public.
  • Drinking alcohol regularly (i.e beer every day is apparently bogus, but if you're rich & drink expensive wine every day, nobody cares.)
  • “Living in a "mobile" home. Rich: tiny home, minimalist life style. Poor: trailer park, double wide, mobile home, etc.”
  • “Living off money you did not directly earn.”
  • “Gaming the government for your personal financial gain.”
  • “Marrying your cousin.”
  • “Living with your parents.”
  • “Protesting in any way, shape or form - for rich people it’s being woke and standing up for your rights, for poor people it’s considered rioting...”
  • “Using illegal drugs.”
  • “Not dying gray hair. Rich: authentic, nothing to prove. Poor: doesn't improve herself.”
  • “This is so true, a breakfast of Dunkin’ Donuts is not something to be proud of but a donut from some artisanal bakery? That goes on Instagram.”
  • “Leopard print.” 

Source:Business Insider

(photo: Getty Images)

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