Back to School Day - My 5th Grade Photo

Back to School - BG 5th Grade

Back to School - BG 5th Grade

It's "Back to School" Day so I searched the basement for about 20 minutes and finally found a First Day of School photo. This is from 5th grade, in front of my house with my friends and neighbors, Marcus and Stephanie. I'm on the left with the toe-head blonde hair, bleached out by the sun and chlorine after a summer by the pool. You can't see my feet, bit I am quite sure that those pants are bell bottoms and my shoes are from Thom McAnn (a store that sold nerdy shoes).

This photo was taken before we set out walking to Community School in Cumberland. Our Sleepy Hollow neighborhood (off Abbott Run Valley Rd.) had a zillion kids...dozens of families. Once we went on to middle school, our neighborhood filled up an entire bus. Those were great times. I hope everyone else who grew up there has as many fond memories as I do. Of course we had our share of bullying, fist fights and rock throwing, but overall it was a great time and place to grow up. No cell phones...three TV channels (six if you count PBS, and channels 38 and 56 from Boston), and an AM-only radio in the car!

photo credit: Billy George's Mom

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