Here I Am in Another 1980's Cover Band.

#TBT - In high school and college I was blessed to have friends who humored me and let me play in their bands, even though I was not nearly as good as they were. These pics were taken in the summer of 1986 at the Cumberland Monastery. Every year the police chief, the late great John Pardington would help us put on "Rockfest." Great times. Above, I'm on the left while Tim Turner sings lead vocals. To this day Timmy is still one of my best friends. Below, it's me, Mike Viera (the best guitar player I ever played with), Darin Decosta on drums and Mike Bilodeau on bass.

You gotta love those 80's hair styles. Every once in a while I find photos like this, while looking for something else. I think I was in four or five bands over three years, so you can imagine how successful we were.

photos: Bill George