Listen: BRAND NEW AC/DC Single "Shot in the Dark"

The AC/DC reunion wasn't exactly a well kept secret. Their new album "Power Up," comes out in November. Here is the first single, (video courtesy of YouTube. Photo: Getty Images.)

AC/DC is finally talking now that they’ve made their reunion official. The band is gearing up to release their new album “Power Up,” and in a new interview band members Angus Young, Brian Johnson, and Cliff Williams reveal how they’ve honored late guitarist Malcolm Young while making the album, and why they welcomed drummer Phil Ruddback to the band.

Malcolm Young is listed on a co-writer on all of the tracks on AC/DC’s new album, despite having passed in 2017 after a battle with dementia. His brother Angus says “Power Up” is a “tribute” just like “Back In Black” honored Bon Scott. Malcolm had a bunch of songs he was sitting on to avoid going “overboard” on their last albums… so the band decided to dig up the tracks and get them release.

When it comes to welcoming back Phil Rudd, Angus says Rudd looked so “well-together” when he saw the drummer at Malcolm’s funeral. In 2015, Rudd had some trouble with the law, but declared himself a changed man by 2016… a year or so before reuniting with Angus at the funeral.

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