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Are You Take Off the Day after the Big Game? You're not Alone!

Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer has started a petition to make “Super Monday” a national holiday and it may not be a bad idea because apparently a lot of folks are taking the day off, whether they get pre-approved for it or not. 

A new survey by The Workforce Institute finds:

  • An estimated 16.1 million employees are likely to miss work on the Monday after the Super Bowl.
  • Of those missing the day, about 8.8 million have been pre-approved for the day off.
  • But not everyone’s so ethical, with about 4.4 million workers planning to call in sick.
  • And another 2.9 million are planning to “ghost” their employers, up from 1.5 million last year.
  • But that’s not all, 10.2 million workers plan to start work late on Super Bowl Monday.
  • And some folks don’t know what they’ll do, with 10.2 million saying they’ll decide their Super Bowl Monday plan either Sunday night or Monday morning, which means the numbers could be even higher.

But it turns out, a lot of those people planning to call in sick or ghost their employers don’t necessarily feel good about it.

  • With so many people actually sick these days, 69% of people say they’d feel guilty pretending to be sick to take Super Bowl Monday off.
  • 53% are actually worried about calling in sick because their employer may require a doctor’s note or a negative COVID-19 test before they return to the office. 

So, what can be done to stop folks from skipping work after the Super Bowl?

  • Well, 64% of folks think the game should be moved to the night before President’s Day in mid-February so they will have the Monday after the game off.
  • Another 39% say Super Bowl Monday should be a National holiday. (photo: Getty Images)

Source:The Harris Poll

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