Beatles Letters From Time In Hamburg Go Up For Auction

More pieces of The Beatles’ history are hitting the auction block. Letters and memorabilia from the band’s time in Hamburg, Germany, where the band played over 250 shows between August and October 1962. Former Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe ended up getting engaged to photographer Astrid Kirchherr after meeting them in Hamburg, and items sent to Astrid from the band are included in the auction lot that also features unseen letters, work permits, photos, drawings, poems, and more. In one of the letters, John Lennon announces the “little John inside” his first wife Cynthia– AKA his son Julian.

Kirchherr, who took the Fab Four’s first-ever known photograph when they were still a five-piece, died last May ahead of her 82nd birthday. The Beatles memorabilia will hit the auction block atBonhamsin London on May 5th.

photo: Getty Images Source:The Guardian