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“Bad Mom” Goes Viral - Do You Think She's A Monster?

A lot of moms try to project that perfect image, which isn’t really realistic, but one mom is pretty much doing the exact opposite, and it’s causing quite a reaction online.

A TikToker named Bailey, who is a mother of one, is going viral for being a self-proclaimed “bad mom” and sharing some of the things she refuses to do when it comes to her kids, and let’s just say they are quite controversial.

One of the more reasonable things is that she refuses to “spank” her child, noting she doesn’t want her “daughter growing up thinking that people that love you can hate you.” But it’s some of the other things that have folks talking. 

They include:

  • She doesn’t see anything wrong with cursing in front of her child. She notes, "The whole concept of not teaching your kids to cuss, I don’t get it, it’s funny as hell, it’s not the end of the world.”
  • She also doesn’t believe in lying to her kids about where Christmas presents come from. “Teaching them about Santa Claus, I’ve never understood it,” she says. “Why are we teaching them this lie that this big old jolly man comes down the fire place on Christmas to give them presents.”
  • And finally, she doesn’t believe in giving her child a bedtime. “Forcing a bedtime - it’s not for me,” she says, “If you’re not tired, I’m not gonna force you to go to sleep,” adding, “If you gotta wake up early in the morning, you went to bed late, that’s on you!” 

As of now, over 2.5 million people have watched Bailey’s video and many are not down with her parenting views.

  • “Oh so we not parenting… we just being their friend,” one person wrote. “Gotcha.”
  • “We could never be friends. Neither could our kids,” wrote another.
  • While one person insisted, “Wow, so many things wrong in here.”

Source:The Sun

photo: Getty Images

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