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What/When To Buy For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

It’s easy to get stressed out when you are responsible for preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, especially when you are running short on time, but “USA Today” has some tips on what to do and when to buy items to relieve some of that stress. We are 16 days away as of today (Thanksgiving is Nov. 25 this year) so get your planning on!


  • Buy your frozen turkey, eggs, sugar, oil, butter, chicken stock, foil, cranberry dressing and instant mashed potatoes to save time.
  • Ask guests to bring side dishes, rolls or desserts, borrow kitchen items that you may not have, get your recipes together and look for online supermarket deals.


  • Clean out the fridge, buy vegetables, dairy products and other perishables and make your cranberry sauce.
  • Calculate thawing time for your turkey – USDA recommended and allow 24 hours for every four- to five-pounds of the bird.


  • Clean the house, prep veggies and store in baggies, clean, dry and store salad greens and make your salad dressing.


  • Last grocery store run for ice, lemons, herbs and anything else you may have forgotten, brine the turkey and assemble and refrigerate side dishes and casseroles.


  • Chill the wine, bake the rolls, start roasting the turkey, cook side dishes and let the turkey rest for 30-minutes before carving.
  • Make the gravy, reheat side dishes in the microwave, stove top or oven, dress the salad, pour the wine, carve the turkey and lay out side dishes, salad and gravy.
  • Now it’s time to give thanks and eat!

Hopefully, this prep list should make your Thanksgiving week much less of a hassle and more enjoyable – good luck!

Source:USA Today photo: Getty Images

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