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Providence Falcon Nest Camera is Now Active!

Every spring, bird enthusiasts flock to their computers to watch the Audubon Society of Rhode Island's Peregrine Falcon camera, which is focused on a nest high atop the Providence skyline. The camera's video stream just came back online on Monday 3/28 and it shows four new eggs! Falcon eggs generally take

Click here to see the live video stream of the falcons' nest.

fyi - Based on past years' video, falcon eggs take about 5 weeks to hatch.

This week, Audubon posted these updates:

March 28

Welcome to the 2022 nesting season of the Providence Peregrines! We are excited to announce that three eggs have been laid between March 22 - 26. Due to technical difficulties, we were not able to get the stream publicly accessible until today – we apologize for the delay and are grateful for your patience and understanding.

Wondering what you've missed so far? Click to read about the past week's timeline! Although we didn't have full access to the stream until today, we were fortunate that the live footage started recording on March 18, which was reviewed to create this timeline. We are also working on a video compilation to show the mating rituals and egg-laying highlights from the past week - it will be shared in the next couple of days!

March 29 11:35am

A fourth egg was spotted around 11:30 am when the adults exchange nest duties. Reviewing the footage, it looks like the fourth egg was laid around 11:45 pm on March 28.

March 29 3:20 pm

Here's what you missed last week: watch the mating ritual and egg-laying highlights from March 18-29, 2022 on our YouTube! You may use the timestamps in the video's description to navigate between events.

photo: Getty Images Source & Video: Audubon Society of Rhode Island

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