How to Attract Colorful Orioles to Your Yard

Oriole on Orange Feeder

This simple orange holder attracts Orioles to our yard every spring. I took this photo from my living room window. Photo: George, Bill

At various times of the year my wife and I watch for certain types of birds that spend only a season or two in Southern New England. The hummingbirds and orioles have just arrived at our yard in Greenville this week. The key to attracting interesting birds is offering the right food. Before we started intentionally attracting these two species, I had never even SEEN a hummingbird or oriole in Rhode Island, so trust me, this works.

Hummingbirds take a bit of effort: Put out a hummingbird feed that holds liquid nectar, which you can make by diluting sugar in water by boiling. Just Google the instructions, but be sure to change the liquid every few days when temperatures reach 80+ degrees this summer.

Orioles are even easier. They LOVE oranges. Put out half-oranges in a spot that usually attracts birds. It may take a season or so for them to find it. We bought a feeder online specifically designed to hold the orange halves, but you could easily make your own with wire or a big "S" hook. A quick Google search will show you some options. A tip- Buy the cheapest oranges you can find, because squirrels will steal them and you'll be putting out a fresh orange every day or two.

Happy birding! Let me know if you are able to attract new birds to your yard! Email:

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