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Enjoy PVDFest This Weekend in Downtown Providence!

Downtown Providence Rhode Island

Photo: Getty Images

PVDFest return to downtown Providence this weekend!  Friday June 10th  through Sunday June 12th , dance in the streets with thousands of new friends.  

 Experience live music and performances from around the globe and discover the creative capital’s brightest local talent.

 Meet us outside for the comeback!  Get details at:

 Brought to you by the City of Providence and FirstWorks 

Here are details on the event schedule, road closures, safety protocols, etc. for PVDFest:

Festival Overview

PVDFest is back in Downtown Providence after two years of scaled back activities due to the pandemic. The festival will continue to showcase Providence as the Creative Capital and will feature:

  • 200+ artists
  • 46 sponsors and counting
  • 30+ food establishments
  • 9 stages
  • 5 outdoor festival bars
  • One fun outdoor celebration!

The PVDFest official hours of operation are as follows:

  • Friday, June 10: 5:00 PM-10:00 PM
  • Saturday, June 11: 12:00 PM-8:00 PM
  • Sunday, June 12: 12:00 PM-6:00 PM


Health and Safety Protocols

In accordance with state and local guidelines, there will be no vaccination, testing or masking requirements at PVDFest 2022. Therefore, the decision to use a face mask is a personal decision for attendees. Masking requirements and venue protocols for participating indoor venues are at the discretion of venue management. Providence residents seeking free COVID-19 test kits before or after PVDFest can call PVD 3-1-1.

A vaccination and testing booth, staffed by the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) and Asthenis Pharmacy, will be available to the right of the City Hall Stage presented by Waste Management, located in front of Providence City Hall. Anyone looking to get vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 can stop by on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12 between 1:00-3:00 PM. No appointment is required. Free, rapid 15-minute antigen COVID-19 test kits are being provided by the City of Providence.

Guests are encouraged to dress for the weather forecast. Providence Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) recommends wearing lightweight and light-colored clothing if extreme heat is forecasted. Remember to wear sunscreen, protective sunglasses, and drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Confusion and light-headedness can be signs of dehydration or worse, so if experienced, stop all activity and seek shade and/or medical assistance. First-aid and medical professionals will be available throughout the footprint.

See Something, Say Something

Security and safety are of utmost importance. The festival footprint will be secured by the Providence Police Department and private security staff to ensure public safety and traffic flow. We encourage people to be aware of their surroundings.

In an emergency, or to report suspicious activities or items (such as a suspicious backpack, package or container), notify a police officer immediately or call 9-1-1. In the event of a lost child, children and parents should go to the nearest information booth.

Items NOT allowed inside the festival include, but are not limited to:

  • Weapons and contraband of any kind
  • Outside alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are available to purchase on the festival footprint. You must be 21+ and have valid photo ID.
  • Motorized vehicles including dirt bikes, ATVs and scooters
  • Illegal or illicit substances of any kind
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • Laser pointers

PVDFest is a “No Drone Zone.” Drone use is prohibited without approval and the use of drones over groups of people is a violation of FAA Special Rule for Model Aircraft.


Road Closure Information

There will be several road closures throughout the PVDFest footprint from Friday, June 10 through Sunday, June 12. Drivers are encouraged to use alternate means of transportation when possible and are reminded to respect road closures. The PVDFest footprint will be entirely vehicle-free on Saturday, June 11 from 12:00 PM-8:00 PM, with additional closures throughout the footprint on Friday and Sunday. All roadways will re-open at 5:00 AM on Monday, June 13.

Friday, June 10 Road Closures:

5:00 AM Dorrance St from Fulton St to Washington St

5:00 PM Washington St from Exchange St to Dorrance St

5:00 PM Fulton St from Dorrance St to Exchange St

5:00 PM Exchange St from Washington St to Fulton St

5:00 PM East Approach between Exchange Terrace and Washington St

Saturday, June 11 Road Closures:

5:00 AM Exchange St from Westminster St to Exchange Terrace St

5:00 AM Arcade St from Westminster St to Fulton St

5:00 AM Orange St from Westminster St to Weybosset St

5:00 AM Dorrance St from Weybosset St to Emmet Square

5:00 AM Union St from Fountain St to Weybosset St

5:00 AM Clemence St from Fountain St to Weybosset St

5:00 AM Mathewson St from Mid-Westminster St to Fountain St

5:00 AM Snow St from Fountain St to Chapel St

5:00 AM Aborn St from Fountain St to Westminster St

5:00 AM Adrian Hall Way from Fountain St to Weybosset St

5:00 AM Moulton St from Westminster St to Maiden Ln

5:00 AM Maiden Ln from Moulton Ln to Mathewson St

5:00 AM Washington St from Exchange St to Empire St

5:00 AM Westminster St from Empire to Exchange St

5:00 AM Middle St from Union St to Orange St

5:00 AM Eddy St from Washington St to Weybosset St

5:00 AM Fulton St from Eddy St to Exchange St

5:00 AM East Approach between Exchange Terrace and Washington St

Sunday, June 12 Road Closures:

5:00 AM Washington St from Exchange St to Dorrance St

5:00 AM Fulton St from Eddy St to Exchange St

5:00 AM Exchange St from Washington St to Fulton St

5:00 AM Dorrance St from Fulton St to Washington St

5:00 AM East Approach between Exchange Terrace and Washington St


Getting to PVDFest

Residents and visitors are encouraged to utilize alternative modes of transportation while traveling to and from the festival. Biking is always encouraged in Providence and there will be bike parking available throughout the festival footprint. Due to high pedestrian traffic and a packed footprint, SPIN scooters, e-bikes and bicycles should not be ridden on the footprint during operational hours. For visitors using a rideshare service or taxi, the designated drop-off and pick-up location is in front of The Dean Hotel (22 Fountain Street). Due to festival-related road closures throughout Downtown, RIPTA has announced temporarily relocated bus stops during PVDFest weekend. Festival visitors are encouraged to ride RIPTA to the events and visit for information on routes and times. Amtrak and MBTA will run a regular weekend schedule.

Parking at PVDFest

Visit Park Downtown Providence for information on parking on surrounding streets. Street parking will be available outside of the PVDFest footprint. No parking will be permitted on the following streets as of 5:00 AM:

Friday, June 10:

Exchange Terrace Between Francis and Exchange

Snow St between Washington and Westminster

Empire St between Fountain and Weybosset

Dorrance St between Fountain and Weybosset

Exchange St between Exchange Terrace and Weybosset

Washington St between Union and Exchange

*Friday postings will stay in effect through 5:00 AM on Monday, June 13*

Saturday, June 11:

Weybosset St between Empire and Memorial Blvd

Fountain St between Empire to Dorrance (Dean Hotel Side)

Fulton St between Exchange & Memorial Blvd

Green St between Sabin & Broad

Weybosset St between Custom House & Westminster

Parking and Accessibility

Handicap parking will be available at the below locations (please look for signage):

All Weekend:

Exchange Terrace from Dorrance St to Rhode Island Foundation (both sides of the street)

Saturday Only:

Weybosset from Snow St to Richmond St (both sides of the street)

Fountain St between Adrian Hall Way and Snow St (both sides of the street)

PVDFest is excited to collaborate with RAMP to ensure individuals with varying abilities have full access to this year’s festival. RAMP will be at Tina’s Tablein the center of Kennedy Plaza, and at the information booth located by the entrance of the Providence Skating Rink. Here you will find a shade tent, accessible restrooms information, wheelchairs for loaning, and people ready and willing to answer questions, comments or concerns you have about accessibility. Residents with accessibility questions in advance of PVDFest are encouraged to call 3-1-1.


Open Containers & Smoking

PVDFest is an open container footprint, allowing any 21+ year old to purchase and walk around with alcohol in a plastic cup within the festival boundaries. Individuals 21+ must have valid photo ID to purchase and drink alcoholic beverages and be wearing a wristband provided by a TIPS certified bartender. Outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the festival footprint. Smoking is not permitted on any Providence Parks & Recreation property including, but not limited to, buildings, playgrounds, ice or skating rinks, and parking lots.

Waste & Recycling

Attendees are responsible for any disposable items brought inside the festival footprint and are asked to help us keep Providence clean throughout festival weekend.

Banned products for vendors include:

  • Single-use condiment pouches and plastic ramekins
  • Plastic straws and stirrers
  • Styrofoam cups or plates
  • Plastic bags

PVDFest is made possible by the support of the City of Providence, Founding Partner FirstWorks, the Providence City Council, the Providence Tourism Council, various City Departments, over 46 sponsors, and many volunteers. To volunteer at this year’s festival and become part of the event, visit the website at

Additional art-focused activities will continue throughout the summer. For more information about these PVDFest Ideas! events, visit

The PVDFest website will be updated with an interactive map and full details later this week. PVDFest is a large-scale, dynamic event and information is subject to change.

photo: Getty Images

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